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3 creative ideas for your garden-parties

If you are a fan of gathering friends or family in your backyard for parties,  you will love the three creative ideas.  All designed to make your life easier, while bringing a touch of originality to your party.

A stylish bread and cheese starter

You have probably seen the quick bake and serve dinner rolls in the bread aisle of your grocery store. The ones that take only a few minutes to cook. Place a whole wheel of soft ripened cheese in the center and the rolls all around on a baking sheet. Pop in the oven to heat and your guests will be delighted!

A layered salsa dip






As nachos are becoming more and more popular, why not surprise your guests by offering them individual portions of a tasty layered salsa dip! What a good idea!

Crudités, individual version

Everybody hates a “double-dipper”! When someone dips a vegetable, takes a bite, then dips it right back in the same bowl. To control the double-dipper, here is a great solution :  individual portions of crudités with dip included!







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