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Et si nous nous mettions à la raquette

And what about becoming an adept of snowshoes

If you are not skiing or skating, have you ever thought about snowshoeing? It is an activity accessible to all, easy, affordable and that will do great since it allows us to move and enjoy the outdoors.

First of all, you have to know that there are as many types of snowshoes as snowshoe adepts types. The choice is mainly based on your weight (which also includes the equipment you will be carrying), the type of activity and the snow conditions. Thus, there are snowshoes:

  • For trails and flat terrain
  • For moutainous terrain
  • For running

Most snowshoe widths are quite similar, but where they vary is in length. You want to choose a length that has enough flotation for your weight and the snow conditions you’ll be in.

The weight

If you’re heavier or carrying lots of gear, you’ll need a snowshoe with more surface area.

The snow conditions

You’ll need more flotation in freshly fallen powder than in wet, heavy snow or on hard packed trails

The right fit

Once you’ve figured out what size snowshoes are best for your loaded weight and the snow conditions, it’s time to see how they feel. To get the best fit, bring the boots you plan to wear to your store when you try on snowshoes. If you can’t decide, take advantage of rental to try before you buy.

Women’s snowshoes

Women’s specific snowshoes are generally designed to be:

  • Smaller, with less surface area since lighter weights often need less flotation.
  • Thinner and tapered, tailored to a narrower stride.
  • Made with narrower bindings with more arch support to fit smaller feet.
  • Made with crampons and traction rails that are placed to suit smaller feet and narrower strides.

Trekking poles or adjustable ski poles can help you stay stable and balanced. They’re especially helpful with steep ascents, powder-filled descents and sketchy side-hill sections. Choose poles with large baskets that won’t sink into the snow.


Explore the snowshoeing trails by torchlight, moonlight, and the glow of a headlamp. A different way to discover exceptional territories and to chat with folks who share your enthusiasm. This activity takes place at Aiguebelle, Oka, Jacques-Cartier, Îles-de-Boucherville, Bic, Mont-Orford and Mont-Mégantic national parks, and at Station touristique Duchesnay.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  MEC, Sepaq