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Les Doyle Désy

Becoming nomads – Preparations before leaving

Les Doyle Désy

We are the Doyle-Désy, a family who decided to leave everything to live on the road. Since June 2016, we have been living and discovering the world aboard our house on wheels.

You have decided to hit the road? Congratulations! It is now time for you to think about all the things that need to be settled before you leave. It does not matter whether you leave for a few weeks or a few months, some things must be taken care of before leaving in order to have a smooth voyage.

Several months before leaving

Your home and your belongings

Sell, rent, loan or store. What will you do with your home and your belongings? One thing is certain, you will not be able to take everything in your vehicle.

Your job

Maybe it’s time to retire or take a well-earned holiday. But earning an income while travelling by working on the road or remotely is also possible.

Financial planning

Money. You either have a little or a lot; it does not matter because you can always tailor your travel plans to suit your budget. Gas and lodgings will be your most important expenditures. Choose to camp cheaply or at a five-star campsite, ride less to save, and so on.

The choice of your vehicle

This is the most difficult decision. There are as wide a range of options available as there are a choice of recreational vehicles, from small to very large, new and used, from minimalist to fully equipped. It is important to make a careful and realistic assessment of your needs for comfort, space, as well as your budget.

A few weeks before leaving

Minimize mail

Review your mail, cancel all that is paper and register online for available services. Choose a trusted person to take care of opening your mail in your absence.

Check expiration dates

Be sure to take care of all your documents with an expiry date and make the necessary renewals. At the same time, take the opportunity to make a digital copy of important document to keep in your files.

Income tax returns

If you plan to be away during the tax return period, plan how easily you can do this. The person responsible for your mail will certainly be involved in the process.

Plan the route and find out

No matter where you’re going, it’s clear that there are travel guides, blogs, stories on the subject. The better you will be informed, the better your experience will be.

Create a network and get tools

Do you want to meet people who share the same passion as you? Do you want to take advantage of discounts on certain services when you travel? Find associations, clubs and other subscriptions that may be useful.

Carefully executed preparations will give you peace of mind on the road. It is not when you are hundreds of kilometers from Quebec that you want to spend time on the phone to settle an oversight.

The Doyle-Désy,
nomadic ambassadors for Leclerc

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