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Do you know your home well: important spring check points

Do you know your home well: important spring check points

Do you know your home well: important spring check points

Apart from its curbside appeal, how well do you know your house? Specifically, do you know which aspects or characteristics of your house could cause harm to the condition of your home?

Is water trying to infiltrate through the foundations or through the roof?

Whether we talk about water accumulation near foundations or infiltration through the roof, water is the enemy to be avoided at all costs.

  • First, check the slope of the land around your house to make sure the water is directed as far away from the foundation as possible. Puddles around the house’s foundation are a bad sign.
  • Then check the installation of gutter downspouts and make sure that there is no water accumulation near the foundations.
  • If water is accumulating, add splash blocks or extensions to the ends of the gutter downspouts to direct the water away from the building.
  • With water infiltration through the roof, it is important to inspect for any damage that winter could have caused to your roof.
  • Visually inspect the siding and watch for visible cracks or lifting.

Have insects decided to take up residence in the walls of your house?

During winter, some critters may have found shelter in your home. It is therefore very important to go around the building by visually inspecting any openings that are larger than an erase’s pencil. This could indicate the presence of certain insects.

We invite you to contact an expert if your house seems to present problems that you are not able to understand or solve on your own.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source:  Legault Dubois