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How is your home doing this spring?

How is your home doing this spring?

How is your home doing this spring?

Every homeowner knows it is important to inspect their home in the spring.  This inspection can help spot anything that may have been damaged or altered over the winter.

Here is a list of important points to check:

The grounds

Has the ground around your foundation sunk? If it is not level as it should be, it is recommended to level the ground with soil.

Warmer temperatures in late spring are a good time to rake dead leaves and debris and prepare flower beds.  But not too soon…  A good rule of thumb is to wait until temperatures are consistently above 10 degrees.  Cleaning too soon will disturb the pollinators that overwinter in your garden’s dead material.  It is also a good time  for reseeding the lawn where needed and spreading fertilizer.


Look out for humidity, crumbling and cracks to avoid any water infiltration problems.

Also make sure your french drain is working properly. Its lifespan is usually 30 years.

There are different signs that can tell you that your drain may need to be replaced. Do not hesitate to call a professional.


Inspect gutters and downspouts. These should be well anchored, undamaged, unobstructed by debris, and the splash blocks pointed away from the foundation.

The exterior siding/masonry

Are any materials poorly anchored or detached (aluminum, vinyl, wood, etc.)?

For masonry, inspect for cracked or worn mortar, bulging brick, damaged or crumbling sections.

Does your home need a little paint, stain, or varnish?

The balcony and stairs

Do your stair railings need to be reinforced? If your balcony is made of concrete, look for cracks or signs of crumbling. If it is metal, see if there is rust. Make sure the steps are solid.

As you can see, spring is definitely a busy season because once the exterior inspection is done, you will have to tackle spring cleaning, if you haven’t already.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services