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How is your roof doing this winter

How is your roof doing this winter

How is your roof doing this winter

Winters come and go, and each is different.  Some winters bury us in snow, others, with rain. And, sometimes, it is a mix of the two that cause trouble not only to our roads, but also to our roofs.

As a rule,  roofs are built to withstand the snow loads of our Quebec winters, but when the accumulations are exceptional or the temperatures changing, all bets are off. Ice, for example, is much heavier than snow.

Here are some signs that your roof is not doing well:

  • Cracks appearing on interior walls.
  • Interior doors jamming or rubbing against the frame.
  • Conspicuous, creaking noises.
  • Deformation or buckling of a ceiling.

If you see more than one of these signs, you should evacuate the building and call upon specialists that will take the necessary actions to remove any snow or ice from the roof.

These experts are in the best position to do the job. No need to take any chances here.

  • They employ the appropriate techniques to remove the snow from the roof without damaging its waterproofing membrane.
  • They are equipped to work safely, without injuring themselves or others.
  • They can set up safety perimeters around the building.

In short, they are the most qualified to do a good job safely.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Régie du bâtiment du Québec