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Recreational Vehicule Insurance


We have an insurance product adapted to your situation whether you are a caravaner traveling in Quebec (or across Canada and the United States) or a seasonal camper permanently installed on a campground.

In addition, by taking a closer look at your camping and caravaning habits and what matters most to you, it is possible to add or remove certain coverages.

Did you know that…


FQCC membership benefits
up to 15% on your RV premium annually

In addition to many other benefits, take advantage of an up to 15% annual discount on your RV insurance premium by becoming a FQCC member.


20% on your RV premium annually

When you are a seasonal camper on a Camping Québec campground, you take advantage of a 20% discount on your RV insurance premium annually, in addition to being entitled to many other benefits.


Combine your insurance

By combining your RV, car and home insurance, not only you can get up to 25% off, but you can also – if applicable – benefit from a single deductible in the event of a claim involving more than one contract. Make life easier by negotiating with a single broker for everything related to your insurance.



  • Raising deductibles
  • Clean driving record
  • Tag anti-theft system
  • Credit score