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Is it time to order your new RV?

Is it time to order your new RV?

Is it time to order your new RV?

As you’ve probably noticed, camping and caravanning, an already popular pastime, became even more popular last summer.  Millenials are joining the pastime in large numbers.

Many families realized that camping is an activity that not only allows you to be with your family, but also provides a great deal of freedom.

Riding on the roads with your house on wheels has some undeniable advantages.

Although we do not yet know what to expect for the 2021 season, we are aware that clients have already placed their orders for their RVs from a dealer. There also seems to be a slowdown in the production of units, so you should act quickly if you do not want to have to postpone your camping projects until 2022.

The right questions when buying an RV

If you want to get started and order your RV very soon, here is a list of questions to ask yourself:

What type of unit do I need versus what is my dream unit?

To avoid disappointment, it is always better to make your choice according to:

Towing capacity of your vehicle

Can your current vehicle easily tow a heavy load? It is not the length of the trailer that has to be considered, but its weight.

The number of people who will participate in the activity

An RV that is too small may make your vacation miserable.  An RV that is too big to maneuver will cause stress that could limit yourself in your outings.

The number of days spent camping per year

The more you use your RV, the more equipped and comfortable it should be.

The number of kilometers planned

Are you going to go across Canada? In this case, the unit must be in perfect condition.

The type of campsite

Are you looking for campgrounds with all the services or are you an adventurer and thinking of going to national parks, zecs and fishing camps? Or maybe you plan to stay parked at a campground in your area, so you can get there every weekend?

New or used?

What you do with your RV and, of course, your financial situation will decide whether you should buy new or used.

We recommend that you contact a dealer to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  For example, some modified units may be refused by insurers.  Before any purchase, it is also recommended to check with your broker to know your insurance premium.

With that being said, we invite you to make an appointment with a dealer and we hope you get the RV of your dreams and enjoy it to the fullest with your family!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services