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Nomads who reinvent themselves

Nomads who reinvent themselves

Nomads who reinvent themselves

Our nomadic ambassadors, the Doyle-Désy family, had to cut short their trips last year because of the pandemic. Instead of letting the mundane and ordinary take over their lives, they infused their sedentary life with exhilarating adventures and projects.

What follows is the list of their projects that are sure to inspire more than one!

Enjoy what the land has to offer

One of the first activities that inspired them was the planting of a vegetable garden.  A garden that was to be supply them ample vegetables for freezing and canning.

This project began as soon as the earth thawed. It  required a lot of preparation: removing the grass, digging, adding compost and manure, forming rows, choosing seeds and sowing, transplanting and sowing.  Then, a few weeks and months later, the harvest and preparation of  the vegetables for their long months of storage.

Nomads who reinvent themselves

Discover Mother Nature’s gifts

The adventurous spirit of the Doyle-Désy also led them to some delightful discoveries:

  • That the water collected from birch trees is a delight to drink.
  • That balsam fir sprouts make an excellent cough syrup but can also replace rosemary in recipes.
  • That the buds of dandelions and daisies can be used as capers.
  • That it is possible to cook cattail hearts in a salad.

In fact, it is thanks to  a very interesting book that caught their attention and opened their minds.

Nomads who reinvent themselves

Prioritize autonomy

Their nomadic way of life requires resourcefulness and autonomy and the Doyle-Désy continued in their quest for autonomy by raising eight hens.  The hens not only feast on table and garden scraps, but also provide good fresh eggs.

Nomads who reinvent themselves

The Doyle-Désys learned much during their times spent in Mexico. Their exposure to resourcefulness of the Mexican taught them that with little and a good dose of resourcefulness you can manage to do a lot.  A great life lesson for us, North Americans.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Roulersavie