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Passion for horses in Québec

Passion for horses in Québec

Passion for horses in Québec

You probably know someone who rides horses for fun or is a fan of competitions?

Horses have always been a source of fascination for most of us, probably because they represent freedom and contact with nature.

Cheval Québec, a non-profit organization governing equestrian activity (leisure, sport and breeding) in Quebec, have 16,874 registered individual members, of which more than 78% are women and 31 % are owners and co-owners of at least one horse.

The highest concentration of members is found in the age categories “10 to 19” (4,166 members) and “20 to 29” (2,773 members).

The most important interests are:

  • English riding (4,485 members)
  • Western riding (4,076 members)
  • Cross-country (4,067 members)

Here are some examples of services that can be found in some establishments:

  • Day camps
  • Holiday camps
  • Training centers for horses or for competitors
  • Classic or western riding schools
  • Breeding farms
  • Etc.

In closing, there is no age limit to start practicing an equestrian activity and you can easily find an equestrian center near you. The average price for a one-hour guided hike is around $22.

We also invite you to consult the Horseback Riding page of Quebec Adventure Outdoor to discover the many possibilities for horseback riding.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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