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Prêts pour la route: Leclerc gets on board

Prêts pour la route: Leclerc gets on board

Prêts pour la route: Leclerc gets on board

We have been watching them for a few years and we love them. A first reason is that they have dared to do what many of us could only dream of doing: leave a sedentary life for one of adventure. Then, because over time they have become a reference and an inspiration for many RV enthusiasts.

They are endearing, articulate and they are a source of an incredible wealth of experiences and never-ending projects.

Their names are Valérie and Alexandre, and we are proud to work with them to transmit our own passion for camping and the important information needed to enjoy Rving with peace of mind and mostly pleasure!

Vale and Alex are a young couple from the Quebec City area who dove into the RV world in 2016 and, like two fish in water, they adapted and learned from all their experiences.

They are curious, on-trend and always on the lookout for the latest RV discoveries. We invite you to visit their “prêts pour la route” Website.

This young couple has found the recipe for combining work and leisure in a daily life that is never boring.

Accompanied by their dog Mr. Bond, they crisscross the country (and far beyond), with minds and hearts open to all that life in an RV has to offer.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services