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RV oops (part I)

Here are some of the biggest blunders as told by some caravaners.

Water woes

While at a campground in his trailer, Rick’s kitchen faucet stopped flowing. In the process of trying to diagnose the problem, an impromptu group excursion came up with some camping buddies and he decided to go along.

When he got back and opened the door, a flood of water came cascading out. His dog was standing on the dinette table; no doubt thankful he didn’t have to doggy paddle until his rescue.

Rick had left the faucet open and it never occurred to him to take the stopper out of the single-basin sink, “since there was no water flowing.”

Rick shut off the tap at the campground hookup and mopped up the water, then left to “blow off some steam” with his buddies.

Another friend, who saw Rick turn off the outside tap, thought he would be helpful by turning it back on. Several hours later, Rick returned and opened the door to another cascade of water!

He had again left the faucet open with the stopper still in the sink, “since there was no water flowing!”

Apparently, a piece of plastic had become lodged in the faucet shutting off the water. For some unknown reason it shifted, allowing water to resume flowing.

Rick said, “I will never ever leave the stopper in my sink again, except to do the dishes.”


Look before you leap

Night had fallen in the campground when Linda decided to leave the motorhome to bring in the tablecloth from the picnic table. Outside was pitch dark, as she did not want to attract moths to their door light.

The step switch was set so that the steps would extend when the door opened and retract when the door closed. It always worked that way, until that night.

Linda opened the door and stepped down… and further down until she landed on the ground.

Fortunately, her only injury was a bruised ankle, which took the brunt of the fall.

The steps had remained retracted.  A nearby RV repair shop replaced a faulty door switch.

Even though the steps now extend reliably when the door is opened, Linda follows the advice in the instruction manual: “Always look down to make sure the steps are extended before stepping out.”