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The causes of fire in an RV

The causes of fire in an RV

The causes of fire in an RV

As owners of a motorhome or a trailer, it is important to know the main causes RV fires and the steps to prevent them.

Some statistics

As an insurer, Aviva has settled over the past three years, 42 total fire losses and 36 partial losses.

In addition to posing a danger to your safety and the safety of those close to you, an RV fire can mean the cancellation of all your summer vacation plans.

Causes of fire when driving an RV

The engine compartment, wheels and axles are the places to look out for when the RV is in motion.

Engine compartment

In the case of a diesel engine, it is suggested to regularly clean the engine compartment and also to add a fire extinguisher system which will be automatically activated when the temperature reaches a certain level.

Leaking fuel and fluid lines can also cause engine fires. It is easy to understand that proper attention to the engine compartment is an important component of fire prevention.


Dry wheel bearings can also cause a fire since once the lubrication wears off , the point of friction can start a fire. Be sure to grease these areas well, or better yet, ask your dealer to do so.


In addition to risking causing an accident, a flat tire can also start a fire. Here are some tips for tires:

  • Make sure your tires have the correct pressure. Always check this on a cold tire.
  • We mistakenly believe that if a tire is hardly used it is automatically in good condition. In fact, it is even more damaging to a tire to stand still than to drive on a road. Tires that sit for long periods of time, especially on wet ground and in direct sunlight, deteriorate faster than those used regularly.
  • It is recommended to replace any tire over seven years old, even if it looks new, since rubber hardens and cracks and therefore has much less grip, especially on wet pavement.

Axles and brakes

Make it a point to always check the axles and brakes of your motorhome or your trailer. Tires and brakes are a major cause of RV fires.

Causes of fire when the RV is parked

Apart from refrigerators, which have been the cause of several fires in the past, short circuits or faulty wiring are also a threat.

Another danger that should not be overlooked … cooking with propane.

We all remember the disaster at Complexe Atlantide in Lanaudière in 2018 where several trailers and cars were engulfed in flames caused by a cooking fire.

Safety tips

All recreational vehicles must be equipped with an easily accessible portable fire extinguisher located inside the vehicle within 24 inches of the front door.

Also, carbon monoxide, smoke and low-pressure gas leak detectors should be checked regularly to make sure they are working properly.

In closing, prudence is a guarantee of safety.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services