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The May dandelion challenge

The May dandelion challenge

The dandelion: the misunderstood flower! The carpet of  pretty yellow flowers across our lawn does not elicit the same expression of joy as do other spring flowers. Though they announce the arrival of spring, many of us consider the dandelion to be pests and we persist in giving them a hard time.

The dandelion has a surprising number of uses.  Do you  know any of them?

First, the dandelion, thanks to its roots, makes it possible to loosen a soil that is too compact.

It will also enrich a soil lacking in calcium by fertilizing it with its dead leaves. And will even come to the aid of  acidic soils.

Unlike most plants, the dandelion provides not only pollen, but also nectar. And this is where our hardworking bees come into play.  For these pollinators, this is their first abundant food.

Without their valuable pollination services, we may one day have to go without our precious morning coffee, our many fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The rising rate of pollinator extinction is a sad reality but we can help in our own way.

Let’s delay the mowing of dandelions to help the bees!


Share your photos of these beautiful dandelions across your lawn for a chance to win a gift package of honey products valued at $50.

Send us an email (marketing@leclercassurances.com) of a photo of dandelions that you let grow freely on your lawn with your first name and your city and we will publish one or more posts of them on our social networks.

On June 1st, we will choose a winner from all the photos received.


Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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