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The temporary car shelter

The temporary car shelter

In October, the landscape of certain neighborhoods changes. Temporary car shelters grow like weeds!

But did you know that some cities and areas prohibit the installation of such shelters? It is important to consult your city’s bylaws before proceeding with the purchase or rental. You should also know the maximum dimensions allowed and the period when it is permitted to install and when dismantling is necessary.

How much does a temporary car shelter cost

If you are wondering how much a temporary shelter can cost, prices vary, but we are generally talking about $567 to $625 for a simple shelter (without assembly and dismantling by professionals, which can be up to $400). Of course, you can set up the shelter yourself with an extra pair of arms and the right tools.

The lifespan of a shelter is about 10 years. So if we do a quick calculation, it will cost you about $60 per year for a simple shelter and, roughly speaking, one hour of your time for assembly and another for dismantling.

If you decide to hire professionals for the installation, be aware that you must book them several months in advance. But, even if you divest yourself of this task, that will not prevent you from having some small homework to do throughout the season:

  • You will need to check that the anchors are properly in place and that the nuts are tight enough. This operation should be done every two weeks, especially if a storm and high winds are forecast.
  • You will need to clear the canvas after each snowfall (with a “T” shovel or a broom) and de-ice in the event of ice, but also proceed even more quickly if rain is forecast followed by frost.
  • You will need to clear the snow from the sides to reduce the pressure on the structure.
  • You will need to inspect the fabric and use self-adhesive strips to repair tears.
  • When dismantling, you must clean the fabric with a mild soap and dry it well before folding it and storing it in a dry place (heated garage, for example).

Talking about insurance

The type of damage incurred determines how you will claim.

If a car damage

If you have adequate coverage on your auto policy and the shelter causes damage to your vehicle, you will need to file a claim with your auto insurer.

If the shelter breaks

If you have adequate coverage on your home policy and the shelter breaks due to high winds or the weight of snow which causes it to collapse, you will need to file a claim with your home insurer.

If a person is injured by the shelter

The civil liability insurance of your home insurance can compensate another person who has been injured or who has suffered damage because of your car shelter. However, you will have to prove that it is not negligence on your part.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Protégez-Vous, October, 2022