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Camping in VR

Tips for successful barbecue recipes

Camping in VR

Nothing says summer like the aromas of a barbecue! Is there anything more comforting and joyful?

For BBQ fans, we have compiled a list of tips for successful barbecue recipes.

Tip 1 – Food quality

A steak, if it is going to taste amazing on a BBQ, has to be marbled, which means it must have fat and be rather thick.

Likewise, fish and other foods will taste better if they are of high quality.

Tip 2 – The secret is in the marinade

Of course, you can simply pepper and salt your food, but nothing replaces the taste and the tenderness that you will obtain if you have previously marinated your meats and fish.

It takes one hour for seafood and vegetables, two hours for pork and poultry and three hours for red meats.

Tip 3 – Take the meat out of the fridge before cooking

Meat that is at room temperature before being placed on the grill is less likely to burn and will take less time to cook both outside and inside.

It’s essential to take our meat out 30 to 60 minutes before.

Tip 4 – Cook at the right temperature

It is important to preheat the barbecue before starting to cook. Preheat for at least 10 minutes. First, to get that much-wanted taste and barbecue marks, and second, to prevent food from sticking to the grill.

Tip 5 – A grill that is too hot is as bad as one that is not enough

If your barbecue chars the food on the outside, leaving it still lukewarm inside, you may not enjoy your meal.

It is suggested to place the food on the hottest zone, then move it to the more temperate zone.

Tip 6 – The lid must be closed

If you keep the lid open, the heat goes up and doesn’t go down.  This results in dry food. For juicy food and quick cooking, it is therefore strongly recommended to keep the lid closed.

Tip 7 – Use accessories depending on the type of food

You can cook anything on the barbecue. However, it is recommended to use the appropriate accessories to obtain good results. For example, a wok for vegetables, a porcelain stone for pizzas, etc.

Tip 8 – Limit handling of meat

Some people tend to constantly handle the meat during cooking, by crushing burgers, for example, which results in a loss of juice, therefore a loss of taste.

We suggest turning the meat a maximum of twice.

Tip 9 – Maintain your grills

It is important to maintain the grills to prevent them from rusting. For porcelain or cast iron grates, we suggest coating them with vegetable oil.

Tip 10 – Clean the barbecue every time

Cleaning your barbecue after or before each use is a good habit to adopt because it will improve its lifespan and food will be healthier and tastier. Use a brush rather than the scraper, to avoid damaging the grill’s protective finish.


Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  Protégez-vous