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What to do in camping when it’s raining cats and dogs

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Our colleague Suzanne and her spouse Claude visited the Québec North Shore in their RV a few weeks ago and Mother Nature, at the time of their visit, proved to be a little capricious.

Heavy showers, power outages… Nothing to make camping very appealing, right?

This gave us the idea to send you a list of things to do while camping when the weather is less favourable. The important thing is to be prepared for all eventualities (rain, cold)!

Items to take camping in case of rain

Camping with family or as a couple:

  • Rain gear to face the weather and still explore the surroundings.
  • Books, magazines and, why not, a coloring book, just to rediscover this simple yet oh so relaxing pleasure!
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Paint (by number if you lack talent)
  • Yes, yes! Introduce children to the “tricotin” gadget!

The idea is to limit screen time as much as possible. Do something else. And why not bring back into fashion long-neglected hobbies that will charm children!

Plan B suggestions

  • Movie theater
  • Spa
  • Bowling
  • Pool/billiards
  • Laser game
  • Climbing walls
  • Amusement center
  • Escape game
  • Mini golf
  • Museum
  • Artisan shops

If you take the time to plan for activities in case of rain, you will feel less like Mother Nature has ruined your vacation.

Here are some pictures of Suzanne and Claude’s stay on the North Shore:

Socks in sandals: For or against?

During their RV journey on the North Shore, Suzanne and the RVers on site copied German (or English) tourists famous for wearing socks in their sandals!

Are you one of those people who also wear socks in their sandals on occasion, to keep your feet warm when the weather gets chilly?

Bad weather camping

Failing to see the whales

The bad weather kept our RVers inside, but they were still able to enjoy a view of a… whale!

What to do in camping Camping North Shore

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services