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When ladybugs invade

When ladybugs invade

Autumn is the time when the legions of adult ladybugs arrive by the hundreds or thousands and stick to the facades and windows of houses and buildings, in search of a little warmth.

The rumour that they prefer light colored buildings is actually true.

Although it is said that ladybugs do not sting, they do bite, and the surprise of their bite is very unpleasant.

However, these insects do not represent any danger and are even an effective agent in the control of tree aphids. This is why one must avoid exterminating them.

Inside the house, the vacuum cleaner will be able to get rid of them. This is preferable to squashing them because their yellow liquid has a very unpleasant smell. Moreover, this liquid can stain walls and fabrics.

The best prevention is to make sure there are no unwanted openings that would allow them to enter into the house.

Normally, ladybugs spend the winter in a dormant state, but the warmth of homes can wake them up prematurely.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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