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When the black water tanks make us see red

When the black water tanks make us see red

When the black water tanks make us see red

You have surely heard funny or sad stories related to emptying sewage or cleaning black water tanks.

There is recent significant increase in incidents and claims involving user-error and/or neglect when performing this cleaning operation.

For example:  A distracted owner that stats to do something else while cleaning their tank.  They completely forget what they were doing and as a result, cause a serious amount of damage to their unit.

Another frequent problem is caused by hoses permanently installed onto the black water tank intake. This is done to make life “easier”.  People only have to open a valve to clean the tank instead of installing the hose.  The problem is, people forget to close the valve once they are done!

Here is a photo of a NOT RECOMMENDED installation where a Y-hose is used:

When the black water tanks make us see red

And here are many examples of situations that show that this type of installation is REALLY NOT a good idea:

  • The son of a seasonal camper arrives at the site, turns on the water valve and leaves for a boat ride. Obviously, he was unaware that his father had set up this permanent intake into the black water tank, thus flooding the unit.
  • A camper’s neighbor, wanting to help, turns on the water to wash the caravan. He doesn’t open the correct valve and, of course, doesn’t notice that it is leading to the black water tank.
  • A camper leaves the campsite on Sunday evening by turning off the water. During the week, the campsite owner works on the water line to add pressure and decides to open the water valve of the caravan. You can imagine: The water was coming out the door!!!
  • A caravanner sets up on the site behind a seasonal camper that has the infamous Y-system. He turns on the neighbor’s valve instead of his own, thus flooding his neighbor’s unit.

To make a long story short… NEVER, NEVER, NEVER permanently connect a hose to the black water tank!

You may want to save time, but remember that you are increasing the chances of experiencing any and all of the following unfortunate situations:

  1. Important water damage to your unit.
  2. Not being able to use your RV all summer long.
  3. Risk of having the manufacturer’s warranty suspended as this is not recommended.

Why not play it safe and avoid getting into this unfortunate situation.

Finally, here are some pictures of installations with permanently connected hose, installations NOT RECOMMENDED, of course!

When the black water tanks make us see red

Note :  The kind of gadget you buy at Dollarama. See the bottom valve which no longer can be turned off…

When the black water tanks make us see red

Note :  Yes, yes, the pipes are safe. Nice installation, but…!!!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services