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Put some magic in your backyard

Put some magic in your backyard

Put some magic in your backyard

Last month, our goal was to inspire you to transform your backyard. This month, we have a few ideas to help you add some magic and happiness into your outdoor space, a place where most of us will be spending much of our time this summer.

It is also a great opportunity to involve your children in the fun project of creating an original outdoor dining area for memorable family dinners!

Idea number 1


Hung from a tree or simply placed along an aisle or in the center of the table, jars and glass bottle are the perfect medium for your imagination.

They can be used as candle holders or to place flowers. And why not, make them fluorescent pots! Want to know how? Click here (French).

Magie cour arrière M

Magie c Magie cour arrière

Idea number 2


Kids are going to have so much fun with this project. If you’re lucky enough to have a big tree in your backyard, give it a little personality.

Here are some examples that can be done by anyone with some woodworking skills.

Magie cour arrière Magie cour arrière

Another transformation uses the famous little white lights that add a truly magical touch to our environment and, if you have the courage to build a platform at the foot of your tree, you can create a perfect place to relax.   Simply add carpets and cushions.

Otherwise, a simple sheet and you’ve made a tent to allow children to sleep under the stars.

Magie cour arrière

One last idea… Put up signs on your tree or on a pole stuck in the lawn to indicate the most interesting places that you have visited or that you plan to visit, the names of family members, etc.

Magie cour arrière

Idea number 3


You really shouldn’t neglect your fence!  Here are a few suggestions that surely will inspire you and maybe even help you create your own ideas.  Ideas enough for hours of family fun. A beautiful summer to all!

Magie cour arrière Magie cour arrière

Magie cour arrière

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source:  Pinterest