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Vehicle lifespan: 5 things to avoid

Vehicle lifespan: 5 things to avoid

Vehicle lifespan: 5 things to avoid

We all have our habits when it comes to driving and maintaining our car; however, some can affect the life of our vehicle.

Speeding through potholes

Speeding through potholes is a big no-no because it can bend the wheel rim and break the shocks.

We suggest slowing down first and then releasing the brakes while holding the steering wheel firmly.

After hitting a pothole, take a few minutes to inspect the vehicle in order to identify any possible damage:

  • recurrent loss of pressure in a tire
  • traces of dents on the rims
  • steering wheel or seat vibration
  • steering wheel that is no longer aligned

Using a gasoline other than what is recommended by the manufacturer

By wanting to save a few pennies in gas, we risk causing engine failure. It’s an important point to take into consideration.

Not driving your car

Auto mechanics and experts say it: a car that does not run much and infrequently can present a danger or develop mechanical or electrical problems. A car is damaged more quickly when it is stationary or not driven much.

Here are some issues:

  • Battery discharge
  • Tire deformation and depressurization
  • Handbrake sticking
  • The accumulation of residues in the fuel tank
  • Loss of fluid efficiency
  • The accumulation of humidity in the passenger compartment
  • Wipers sticking to the windshield

Not washing your vehicle

Washing a car regularly protects the paint and reduces the risk of rust. It is therefore a gesture that goes beyond the aesthetic aspect.

Driving with an empty tank

Driving until the gas tank light is red…and continuing for miles, that moves debris and dirt from the bottom of the tank and drives it straight into the engine. It’s not good at all!

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
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