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Three years on the road aboard our RV

Three years on the road aboard our RV

Three years on the road aboard our RV

We are the Doyle-Désy, a small Quebec family who decided to trade their sedentary life for one of adventure.

After three years on the road, we decided to take a moment and reflect on our journey. When we left in 2016, we had a lot of ambition. “The world belongs to us! “, we said. We were leaving for the South with the idea of ​​going far, very far.

Finally, plans changed somewhat along the way and, with experience, we had to re-evaluate our needs and desires.

Year 1 on the road aboard our RV

Three years on the road aboard our RV

Initially, we wanted to see everything, which meant driving a lot. Too much…

That’s how we quickly realized that driving hundreds of kilometers, was not really our cup of tea.  However, driving less was also frustrating because we had to accept the fact that, even if it’s just next door, we just couldn’t visit everything.  This meant that some places just had to be put on the list of visits for a next time.

Our conclusion, during this first year, was that traveling thousands of miles was not for us.

Year 2 on the road aboard our RV

Three years on the road aboard our RV

The following year, we went to the other extreme: seven months at the same place. This permitted the children to attend school and learn Spanish.  However, we were still teased by the taste of adventure so we opted for some plane travel.  Domestic flights in Mexico are very affordable. We were able to visit more remote places with the promise to come back to visit with our RV.

Our conclusion, in this second year, was that Mexico is an incredibly large and diverse region and we were far from having visited everything.

Year 3 on the road aboard our RV

Three years on the road aboard our RV

This time, we opted for a more balanced approach: not too much road, but not too long at the same place either.  Thus, we spent one month in the state of Oaxaca and then three months in Yucatan.

During our stay, we realized that we preferred by far the destinations where we could swim than the cities and the mountains. We have to say that the rainy season is not easy to deal with.  Finally, after several months, we were missing our homeland.

Our conclusion is that six months in Mexico is perfect, and that we absolutely want to spend the summer in Quebec.

What’s next

We had considered several options for the coming year, including Central and South America and Europe, but with maximum stays of 90 days, we immediately lose interest. Our attention is again on Mexico where we can spend the winter.  In addition, the cost of living is lower, the food, excellent and, to be honest, it is a destination where there is so much to discover.

So, as soon as the cold settles down for good, we will hit the road for Mexico in order to live new adventures.


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Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  The Doyle-Desy (visit roulersavie.com)