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Unwritten rules of good manners when camping

Unwritten rules of good manners when camping

Unwritten rules of good manners when camping

Many of you probably rolled your eyes when reading the title of this article because it wouldn’t even cross your mind to be disrespectful of other campers or a campground operator. And yet, there are more people than we think who sometimes engage in behavior that could be considered improper.

Besides such errors in judgement such as such as burning your garbage in the campfire or driving too fast on the site, here are some behaviors that are best avoided while camping:

Park as far as possible from other campers

If the site is crowded, you probably won’t have your pick of the available sites, but keep in mind that most people who camp want to be quiet, so if you can, always choose a site that is next to an unoccupied lot.

Turn off your lights at night

Usually, what people appreciate the most about campgrounds is the possibility of being in the dark and being able to gaze at the stars in the sky. So imagine the frustration of having a neighbor who lights up his rig like a Christmas tree!

As soon as you no longer move around in and around the RV, consider turning off the lights.

Your music should stay your music

If light pollution can be a bother, imagine how talking or playing loud music for hours can affect your neighbors’ mood.

Please adjust your volume, of both your voice and music, in order to respect others’ need for peace.

Check in at a reasonable time

Obviously, there are times when you have to drive all day or leave after work on a Friday night to get to the campground. If so, at least make sure you set up as quietly and unobtrusively as possible.

In closing, the growing popularity of camping since last year is likely to create a lot of traffic in campgrounds, which is why respecting certain rules becomes super important.  After all, everyone wants the same thing: good time with family, in peace and harmony.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services
Source :  RV Lifestyle