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What about your insurance if you head South this winter

What about your insurance if you head South this winter

What about your insurance if you head South this winter

Very soon, many Quebecers – most of them, retired – will be hitting the road (or flying) to a sunny destination for a stay of a few weeks or a few months.

This decision cannot happen without some serious planning.  It is also important to contact your insurance broker before leaving. Failure to notify your car insurer, when you leave Quebec for more than 30 days, could be seen as an increased risk for the insurer and the latter would be entitled to refuse compensation in case of a claim or decide to pay it only in part.

Home insurance

If you plan to be away for more than 30 days, find out about your insurer’s obligations for an unoccupied residence during the winter season.

Also make sure that your insurance contract includes all the necessary coverages in the event of damage or theft during your absence.

To this end, we recommend that you put away your valuables, unplug all electronic devices and mandate someone to come and make regular visits (pick up mail, do a visual inspection, clear snow from the entrance, etc.).

The best way not to attract the attention of thieves or malicious persons is to not publicize your upcoming trip, and that goes especially for social media posts as well.

Store your car

Many people choose to put their passenger vehicle in storage when they go to Florida for a few months.

Storage often involves the suspension of certain coverages, therefore a lower premium, but be careful, this means that the vehicle must absolutely not be used during this period, even for an emergency.

Travelling with your RV

If you leave Québec with your RV for more than 30 days, most insurers will charge an additional premium. However, Aviva Elite, a pioneer in RV insurance, allows you to extend your stay up to 180 days at no additional cost.

SURPlus roadside assistance

The RV program, which bears the name GlobeTrotter Plus, also offers you a complete emergency road service for your RV as well as for the vehicle that you tow behind the RV or the truck that tows the fifth wheel, for example. The coverage even goes so far as to cover the towing vehicle even if it is not attached to the caravan.


  • Always take $ 2,000,000 in civil liability because lawsuits are expensive in the United States and claims costs are constantly increasing.
  • Some RV coverages should not be removed when parking on a campground. Not driving it doesn’t mean not using it. Always keep your B1 – all risks coverage.

If you are a nomad

If you are a nomad, meaning you live in your RV full time, make sure you have the civil liability protection offered by Aviva Elite. In the event of personal lawsuits, this protection covers you and your spouse anywhere in the world for $2M.

In closing, make sure your insurance premiums are being paid during your absence and check for contract renewals.

The best way to have access to all your documents is to register for customer portal. No more need for paper. All the information you need is available with just a few clicks.

Monthly direct debits are also a great way to never forget to make a payment.

With that, we wish you a beautiful winter in the heat!


How to insure the golf cart you plan to use on a Florida campground


Qu’en est-il de vos assurances si vous partez dans le Sud

First of all, did you know that golf carts – when used on a golf course – are covered for liability on most home contracts?

However, if you use your cart on your campground here in Quebec, it is because you have obtained special permission from your insurer. This permission restricts you, however, to your own campground only.

However, if you plan to bring your golf cart to Florida for your trips to the campground, you will need to insure the golf cart for that particular campground in the United States. This means that you must insure it with an American insurer, both for civil liability and for damage to the cart itself.

Above all, do not take for granted that, because you are covered in Quebec, you are certainly covered in the United States!

Contact your broker who will be able to advise you.

Jackie Beaudoin, Leclerc Insurance and Financial Services